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How To Apply

Applying to Emerging Digital Academy is as simple as creating an account (so your progress can be saved) and completing the online application. It is free to apply and you do not need to have your financing figured before applying. We'll work with you to get financing, scheduling, and everything else together prior to start of class.

1. Apply Online
We'll contact you within 2 weeks of your completion to schedule an interview.
2. Student Interviews
An interview or two helps us get to know each other to ensure mutual fit.
3. Cohort Confirmation
Cohorts fill on a first-come first-serve basis. A down payment secures your spot.

After submission, we will review your application. If it looks good we will schedule an interview with you. This is a chance to visit with our staff and get an understanding to ensure that the program is a good mutual fit. In general you'll know whether you'll be offered admission to the program within two weeks. Upon acceptance to the program, a $1500 downpayment will be required to secure your seat in the cohort you've selected.

Upcoming Cohorts

At our Fargo, ND campus

Our next class starts in 113 days. The deadline to apply is October 07 2024.

Deadline Online Classroom
October 07 November 04 January 06 - April 10 2025
February 24 March 24 May 05 - August 07 2025
June 30 July 21 September 01 - December 04 2025
Each cohort is capped at 14 students.
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What do we look for?

Our accelerated learning program is an intense, immersive experience. Emerging Digital Academy prepares high-potential students to begin their career as professional software developers. After graduation, students will use the knowledge and process they learned in class to continue developing their skills as they grow in their technical career.

Completing the program may be one of the most challenging things you'll ever do. It will also be one of the most rewarding. You will rely on the camaraderie of your team and the guidance of your instructors who are committed to your success.

You don't need to be experienced with software or programming to be successful at Emerging Digital Academy. Our application process includes links and resources you can explore to make sure that a career in software development is a good fit for you.

Here's what we're looking for in a potential student:

  • The ability to perservere through failure, and the tenacity to continue experimenting, learning, and growing.
  • A strong curiosity to learn, with a hunger for new ideas.
  • A commitment to personal growth, with a drive for resourcefullness and a pragmatic approach to problem solving.
  • A commitment to empathy and inclusivity. Be a great student and an excellent teammate.
  • Enough life experience to know that a career in software development is right for you.

About the application

Our application process is a bit non-traditional. You should plan on the application process taking 5-10 hours to complete, with the bulk of the time spent researching and completing the Technical Challenge. Don't worry -- we provide you with all the resources required to complete it. No prior experience is necessary, just some perserverance and focused work time.

You will need access to a computer to complete the technical challenge, although the rest of the application can be completed on a computer or mobile device. Progress can be saved at each step so that you can return later and complete it at your own pace.

The application itself is made up of four steps:

  • Demographic and contact information helps us track student outcomes and connect you with potential North Dakota financial assistance programs, if applicable.
  • A series of profile questions help us get to know you better and what your goals are.
  • A series of puzzles to test your reasoning and logic skills. Some are straight forward and some are meant to be a challenge.
  • Finally, the Technical Challenge. Don't worry, we'll provide you with all of the resources needed to complete the challenge. This will help you get a feel for what it's like to work in the day-to-day life of a programmer to make sure that it's a good fit for you.

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